Connect directly with occupants.

Software that engages residents, builds community and delivers

on sustainability goals – a turn-key solution for large-scale

buildings and masterplanned urban communities.

Drive sustainable living in your development.

Leverage behavioural science software to motivate occupiers to raise the bar. Set community-wide green challenges, drive environmental actions and recognise the right behaviours with exclusive rewards.

Build smarter, eco-minded communities.

Smart developments need smart people – launch an eco-currency and green rewards program, exclusive to the people living in your community. Connect occupants with retailers to support the local economy, promote and reward sustainable behaviours, encourage living smarter and link to overarching environmental KPIs.

Seamlessly connect residents with local retailers.

Give commercial tenants a free digital channel to promote their services to residents with the easy-to-use Business Centre – a sophisticated online portal allowing retailers to create, track and manage rewards from the one place.

Intelligent behaviour change software.

Deliver value and do it efficiently with a beautiful and proven turn-key system used
to engage, inspire and motivate sustainable living.

Points and rewards system

Deliver digital points and rewards immediately to users without lifting a finger upon the completion of actions.

Green challenges

Set any challenge, reward every action. Create and activate an unlimited number of custom challenges in a few clicks – it’s that easy!

Admin platform

Log in to set up and manage challenges, rewards and users via your easy-to-use admin platform. View insights and download reports.

Platform integration

Residents log in, earn points, redeem rewards and access account information on any device.
Everything is synced.

User dashboard and rating

Residents performance ratings and insights available at a glance
and in real-time.

Reporting and analytics

Track participation, levels of engagement and measure the data against KPIs. Download the results and instantly export reports.

Customisation and service

Our team can hold your hand when it comes to onboarding, digital strategy, training and support. In addition, your platform can be custom designed to match your brand.

Government grade security

Have peace of mind knowing that all communications are encrypted and the software utilises HTTPS.

24/7 support

Online help desk user support for all technical enquiries, including account setup, reward redemptions or
administration assistance.

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