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Helping NSW Northern Rivers customers self-manage their water use and reduce water loss.

Rous County Council, in the Northern Rivers region of NSW, Australia, faced a growing need for sustainable water management. Recognising the limitations of traditional water meters, they partnered with IoT smart water network leaders GreenBe, Nucleus3, and NPS to introduce a smarter solution for their residents and the environment.

The installation of new smart water meters along with the availability of the My Rous iOS, Android and web platforms kicked off in February 2024. Beginning in the Ballina area and extending to the rest of the network of 2,132 properties over the following 6-months.

These advanced meters seamlessly integrate with GreenBe’s Be.Utility solution, providing residents with the My Rous branded apps. The My Rous apps allow customers to easily track their water usage with detailed hourly, daily and weekly data. The increased transparency empowers residents to gain valuable insights into their consumption patterns, potentially helping them to reduce the occurrence of water loss and lower their bills.

Rous Group Manager Planning and Delivery, Andrew Logan says,

“We’re hopeful that with information available at their fingertips on a digital device, our customers can be more mindful of their water use and potentially save money and water if they have a leak on their property.”

Rous Council has identified many benefits since implementing smart meters and the My Rous app, including more accurate leak detection reducing treatment costs, more informed water use leading to fewer customer service enquiries and the data collected through the smart meters can inform future infrastructure investments and water management plans, paving the way for a more sustainable future for both the council and the region.

Key benefits of the My Rous app for residents and Council:

  • More informed water use: residents gain daily insights into their water usage, allowing them to make informed decisions about their consumption habits,  potentially reducing their overall usage.
  • Leak detection and alerts: advanced technology detects unusual flow patterns, indicating potential leaks. Residents can opt-in to receive automatic alerts via the My Rous app, allowing for early leak identification and repair, potentially saving thousands of litres of water annually.
  • Personalised water goals: users can set personal water reduction targets within the app, promoting water-conscious behaviour and empowering them to take control of their consumption.
  • Water-saving tips and education: the application provides a wealth of water-saving tips and educational resources, promoting a culture of conservation within the community.
  • Seamless technical support: the locally based GreenBe customer support team for app users ensures a smooth user experience and prompt resolution of any technical issues, saving Council time and improving customer satisfaction.
  • Data-driven decisions: data collected through smart meters will inform future infrastructure investments and water management plans, paving the way for a more sustainable future.

About the project
Rous County Council (RCC) is a multipurpose county council delivering bulk water, weed biosecurity and flood mitigation services to the Northern Rivers of New South Wales. Constituent councils include Lismore, Ballina, Byron and Richmond Valley. The collaboration between Rous County Council, GreenBe, Nucleus3, and NPS empowers residents to become active participants in water conservation. This innovative approach not only promotes individual water responsibility but also paves the way for a more sustainable future for the entire Northern Rivers region.

GreenBe solution: project utilises GreenBe’s Be.Utility WLS solution, encompassing iOS, Android, desktop web, and mobile responsive app functionalities.
Network: Telstra
System integration: Software AG Cumulocity
Delivery partners: Nucleus3, NPS

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Key outcomes

25.2%App sign up

In the first 3-months, over 25% of Rous residents with an installed smart meter who received an invitation to download the app successfully signed up.

21m 25sTime in app

Users on average are spending over 20-minutes in the My Rous app, accessing their water usage data and learning about water conservation.

100L/hrAverage size of leak

Of the leaks detected, the average size recorded is 100L/hour, with some in excess if 700L/hour, saving significant costs and water loss.

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