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50 household trial



Record 29 leaks detected during first 6-weeks of trial.

In an effort to enhance water conservation and reduce usage costs for residents, Armidale Regional Council in collaboration with GreenBe and Nucleus3 saw 50 households across the region have cutting-edge Smart Water Meters installed at their property during the first quarter of 2024.

The Smart Water Meter initiative led by Armidale Regional Council (ARC) marks a significant milestone and part of a comprehensive strategy to promote water-saving measures. The trial yielded substantial environmental and financial benefits, detecting and addressing numerous leaks, including major incidents that collectively saved 380,000 litres of water and $1,614 in costs. 

“We’ve had 29 recorded leaks, these can be anything from a leaking tap, toilet or sink to full blown burst pipes and of the 29 recorded leaks we had two major leaks, saving a combined 380kl (380,000 litres) and $1,614 worth of savings for the customers.”    

– Ben Marshall, Team leader, Metering at Armidale Regional Council

Deemed a success, the installation of Smart Water Meters and deployment of GreenBe has provided clear benefits, including:

• Automatic leak detection and customer alerts.
• A dedicated ARC Water app for residents.
• Daily water use tracking, water saving tips and transparency to reduce bill shock.
• Significant environmental and financial benefits.

Armidale Regional Council, Mayor Coupland said, “The environmental benefits of this trial cannot be overstated. By identifying and fixing leaks promptly, we have the ability to conserve a significant amount of water, contributing to our efforts to combat drought and promote sustainable living in the future. The financial savings for our residents are equally impressive, making this a win-win situation for all involved.”

Local resident Robert Stevens said he saved hundreds of dollars on his water bill after he was alerted by the ARC Water app that he was using excessive amounts of water. 

“I was away on holidays…when we got an alert that we were using excess water…it turned out we had a leak underground – the area was damaged after a tree fell in the area. The leaking water was running straight into the stormwater drain so we would never have noticed the leak until the next bill.”

About the project
Armidale is located on the New England Plateau in northern NSW midway between Sydney and Brisbane. The region is known for its hot and dry summers and frosty winters with the occasional snowfall. Partnering with GreenBe and Nucleus3, Armidale introduced 50 Smart Water Meters across properties in Armidale as part of a comprehensive strategy to promote water-saving measures. The positive outcomes of the trial have paved the way for a broader rollout of Smart Water Meters across Armidale, underscoring the council’s commitment to making the region a leader in water conservation and sustainability through innovative technology and proactive community engagement.

GreenBe solution: project utilises GreenBe’s Be.Utility WLS solution, encompassing iOS, Android, desktop web, and mobile responsive app functionalities.
Network: Telstra
System integration: Software AG Cumulocity
Delivery partners: Nucleus3

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Key outcomes

48%App sign up

Almost half of the trial participants with an installed smart meter downloaded the ARC Water app and signed up.

29Leaks recorded

During the first 6-weeks, 29 leaks were detected, these included leaking taps, toilets, sinks and 2 major leaks (i.e. burst pipes).

380,000 LLitres saved

Of the leaks detected, including major incidents, these collectively saved 380,000 litres of water and $1,614 in costs.

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